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Open Source Architecture is one of the main reason behind the tremendous growth of Internet over the last few years. Many successful software products in the market today are based on open source architecture, and adapted by many companies to their benefit. We at ONET INFOTECH hail Open Source Architecture for the following reasons
  • Full access of the entire source code
  • Easy extensibility of features
  • Easy availability of plugins from various third party vendors
  • Widespread availability of information for bug fixes
  • Enhanced security of web applications
We live in an era where a business has to have an online presence for its very survival. Specifically, if you are in the business of selling merchandise, your ROI is good only if you have an online store. An online store should showcase the products list in the appropriate categories so that a user can easily pick the desired one from a vast category of products. A good navigation mechanism would make an online store very successful and popular. To initiate an e-commerce business, companies are spending huge money. But in reality, very few companies are taking all the right steps towards building a professional, positive brand image that online consumers will be attracted to in the long term.

Payments can be transferred online through the payment gateway process. A payment gateway simply transfers money from the buyer’s bank account to the seller’s bank account. It even has the ability to transfer to a third party money handler such as paypal. A payment gateway is the most essential part of any online shopping system. Payment Gateway Advantages

  • It accepts wide variety of payments such as credit card, debit card and net banking.
  • Provides very safe transactions
  • Order and payment processing is very fast.
  • 24/7 processing
  • Complete Range of Payment Types
  • Transaction reports are generated very quickly
  • Authorizations are made in real time
If your business requires data from diverse sources to be displayed in one web page, a web portal is what you need. Web Portal is a single point of access to data from multiple sites. It brings together information from several sources onto a unified platform. Every business has a unique reason to develop a web portal. However, the real challenge is the integration of various technologies and platforms to develop a site that meets your portal expectations. All in all, a custom web portal solution offers a web environment that is extremely well planned and organized and at the same time brings together various web-based applications to perform multiple tasks.

Business process automation is becoming increasingly important for businesses to stay competitive these days. Building an enterprise application for your organization is just the first step. Enterprise software can easily adapt to your business dynamics by providing you with rich content segregation and management capability that you can leverage to your fullest advantage.
As technical experts in the Enterprise Application Development process, we at ONET INFOTECH provide you the best software solutions for your multifaceted business problems. We develop enterprise applications that deliver maximum value at low costs. We also re-engineer existing legacy applications using cutting edge technology.
Today, online marketing is not just the most “Effective” but also the most “Essential” method to promote one’s business. Until very recently, business marketing was restricted to business cards, yellow page ads, brochures, e-mails, newspapers, television and radio. But today, every business realizes the importance of its presence on the World Wide Web.
The Internet is seriously regarded as the next generation market place to showcase your business. With technology advancing every day, making it easier for businesses to have an online presence, Online Marketing has now become an inevitable and inescapable element in the overall marketing strategy of a business. People have moved from desktops to laptops, palmtops, tablets and mobiles, all of which have capabilities to connect to the internet and open web pages. Online Marketing strategy has become an imperative aspect for running a business in this day and age because of which the search for a business, product or service is just a click away. People go online to seek information about or read reviews about a product or service and make their decisions based on online write-ups & reviews. Therefore, having a strong online presence is highly important to get attention from your potential customers.
What is cloud computing?
There are mainly two major areas of expense incurred by a company that has an IT infrastructure. Software development and maintenance is the first one. Server hosting and network infrastructure is the other. In this competitive world, for a firm to be successful, it is becoming increasingly important to have access to cutting edge solutions whether it is software development or hosting. Ideally, an organization should spend more on software development (acquisition phase) and less on IT and network infrastructure (operation phase). But today, companies do it the other way around. By resorting to the cloud computing alternative, a company can significantly lower operation and server hosting costs.
Decades ago, it was sufficient for a business to have a static website. Over time, this has changed and Content Management Systems have evolved into a primary requirement for any business looking to have a website, because CMS has become much more than a platform that allows you to publish content. A well developed content management solution can assist with managing the entire work flow of your organization.
Feel free to call us at +91 9098710498 or e-mail support@onetin.com for a free consultation on Content Management Systems. The Businesses in this era have to cope with an enormous data inflow in a variety of forms and formats. A good web content management system will act as a catalyst for business growth by simplifying activities such as web based publishing, content retrieving, revision control, content searching, indexing and many other activities that are essential for effectual business management. A typical content management system simplifies site administration for both developers and site owners. At ONET INFOTECH, we adopt Waterfall Methodology for building Content Management Systems.
The first iPhone wasn’t released that long ago by Steve Jobs. Since the release of the first version of iPhone in the year 2007, the market for Smart Phones has increased tremendously. Today, it is the primary smart phone widely used by many professionals.
At ONET INFOTECH, we have a strong team of developers for Objective C Programming and HTML 5 development. Objective C is the language used for writing native iPhone and Mac applications. It’s also used by Apple to write their own applications and frameworks. HTML 5 is the fifth generation HTML Standard used to write web applications that will work well on an iPhone.
Android is the fastest growing mobile OS in the smart phone market today. The fact that Android is open source makes it easy for developers to create mobile apps at very affordable prices. The inbuilt 2D/3D graphics and SQLite database in Android OS helps overcome the problem of graphics/media and storage issues for custom applications. Call us at +91 9098710498 or e-mail support@onetin.com for a free consultation. The astonishing features of Android make it a successful mobile operating system. Now, most of the smart phones in the market run on Android. Android is the first open source technology platform for mobile devices. We have expertise with Android OS and provide the following Android development services:
  • Android game application development
  • Android based custom application development
  • Android tablet application development
  • Android web application development
Responsive web design is a programmatic technique which enables a website to dynamically adjust device attributes such as screen size, platform and orientation before rendering the pages on to the device on which it is viewed. The approach consists of a mix of flexible grids, layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from laptop to tablet, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. In simple words, the technology behind responsive web development makes the website automatically respond to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new device (with web access capabilities) released in the market.