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Web Portal Development
Web Portal Development

A booming online marketing requires a portal that can effectively showcase the products and services offered by the business enterprise. Web portals provide the necessary look and feel with access control over applications and databases. Ecommerce portals along with news and enterprise portal have managed to gain additional traffic to their sites on the internet. For sometime now, firms are more interested in a customized content management system as per the requirements of the company.
Advantages of web portal development for your firm

  • Your B2B web portal can get vital clients
  • Can grow a customer base for repeat visits
  • It is a one-time investment on Domain and Host
  • Will improve inter-business transactions
  • Has easy to implement marketing strategies
  • Streamlines operations and reduces costs
  • Has automated business operations and processes
Solutions for Content Rich Web sites using Joomla

Content rich websites require an effective Open Source web content management system and Joomla remains the most popular content management system. Everyday, hundreds of people choose Joomla software to create, build and manage a website. Apart from being a free open source tool, Joomla is designed to create content- rich blogs, interactive portals, multi-language websites, online communities and e-commerce applications swiftly.

Creating Cost Effective Sites with Concrete 5

Concrete 5 framework is considered easiest and effective to build cost-saving websites. A free open source tool Concrete 5 provides features aplenty for users to effectively manage websites even with limited technical knowledge. For instance, editing a website is very easy. One has to just click on the editing option to make changes. Unlike other complex tools or framework, SEO for webpage can be done by adding Meta data live on the browser. And, there are plenty of free add-ons and themes to enhance the site.

Ecommerce portals with Magento, osCommerce, Zencart, Open cart and Prestashop

Ever since the success and popularity of craigslist.com, the demand for e-commerce sites has gone up the roof. An efficient e-commerce tool is essential for your growing business needs amid tougher challenges. Since most of the framework for building e-commerce portals such as Magento, osCommerce, Zencart, Open cart and Prestashop are open source and free, the process becomes affordable and cost-effective. Tools like Magento offer more than fifty pavement gateways, along with Google website optimizer integration.

Blogs and News Portals with WordPress

Blogs and news portals have been extremely successful in spreading news alongside views, related editorials, and comments to make people more engaged via texts and videos. Many people love to express themselves via the social media, especially blogs and new portals. Following the success and efficiency, the demand for blogging tools have gone up. Though there are plenty of tools available on the internet for free, WordPress is preferred all over the world. Apart from being an effective blogging platform WordPress is a reliable Content Management System.

Enterprise Development with Drupal and Dotnet nuke

Catering to the demanding business requirements on the web, enterprise development tools and framework have adapted themselves to emerging business trends. There are plenty of tools available to meet the precise needs and provide powerful enterprise development. For instance, Drupal and DotnetNuke provides all the necessary features for the developer to create a viable enterprise development solution with a user-friendly environment.